Lumia cinema graph Beta will be closed; its features are integrated into the final version

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Lumia cinema graph BetaAfter the last update made Lumia cinema graph, Microsoft has announced that the Beta of the application will be locked so you will not receive new updates, and all the features that once were tested in Beta now part of the public version of Lumia cinema graph. From now on, after the closure of the beta, any new features and / or update will be incorporated directly into Lumia cinema graph, since the main objective of the Beta was stop using Nokia servers, moving to One Drive.

On the 12th, Lumia cinema graph was updated to version, the characteristics that we now have in the application is the ability to share “Cinema graphs” directly as video clips. Besides the development team said that in the future could integrate the features of the application within the camera app but not sure.


The Cinema graphs now can share repetitive video clips directly as 10 seconds. You do not need a Nokia account or upload to a separate server (now it makes One Drive). There is no shared view, The Cinema graphs created are now stored in a specific folder. Besides these features, some problems were solved and beta performance and stability of the application is improved. If you do not, you can download it from the link below.

The Best Way to get rid of your old phone

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Every day when I pass by the waist bin I find lots of litters; from old printers, computers to phones. This disposal is presumed right by some people but in actual sense it’s a waste of resources. Why? First, they pollute the environment as most of these products are made of plastic that doesn’t decompose easily. In addition, the disposer ends up losing income from the opportunity cost of recycling these products. I have confidence to point out to you a better way of disposing these products. Join me as I show you how to recycle your old phones and earn some cash.

sell-my-phone-logo is the solution for you. At Sell My Phone, old phones are bought at favourable prices thus helping you preserve your environment and rewarding you with cash. So how does this process work? First, in order to recycle your mobile with, you have to fulfil their terms and conditions. You have to be over 18 years, a resident of United Kingdom and you must access their website from United Kingdom. In addition, ensure that you have the legal capacity to enter into a contract and verify that the details you give on their website are true.

Then how does the sales process unfold? First, you need to identify and select the phone you wish to sell and use the search box tool on By clicking on search a range of prices including the maximum price they will pay for buying your phone. The price quoted will be valid for 14 days and if you don’t submit your phone by then, the contract will be rescinded or re-initiated. After quoting the price, the team will send you a prepaid envelope requiring to send the phone to them. It’s recommended that you use secure ways of sending your phone to prevent damage/ loss during transit; consider insuring your phone while in transit. The team upon receipt of the phone will verify whether its basic functions are working well. This includes; calling and receiving calls, Bluetooth, camera, Wi-Fi among others. If your phone is proved to be in bad condition, it may be mailed back to you or the price agreed may be re-quoted downwards. However, if contrary, you will receive your money within 3 working days.


So what are the advantages of using this product?

  • Environmental friendly- recycling your phone helps a great way in conserving the environment. This is because, mobile phones contain copper and other metals which if burned would cause air pollution.
  • Secure- offers a secure way of disposing your phone and receiving your payment. Payments are made within 3 working days.
  • Financial- you can generate some extra cash by selling your old phone. In fact, most people sell their old mobile phones and utilize the funds from the sale to buy the latest models.

The only two setbacks I will mention are its:-

  • Long bureaucracy-especially on the phone verification process. These procedures are necessary for security checks and patience is required from the customers.
  • Residency limitations- This product is limited to United Kingdom residents hence blocks any interested customer from other countries.

As discussed above, this product offered by is the best in disposing your old hand sets. I strongly recommend that you recycle mobile phones with and you will not regret. Visit today and dispose your phone at favourable prices.